The Immortal Exorcist – Cursed Eye (black) (100% Cotton)

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100% DTG-Printed Cotton T-Shirt.

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Unisex. Made of 100% cotton, this shirt is great for everyday wear. Classic Fit. DTG (Direct to Garment Print). High Quality & Soft Material.

When forces of Hell, armies of heaven, and eldritch gods

collide for the fate of the material world, which side do

you choose?

In a modern world where everything is in chaotic turmoil,

a 100 yr. An old exorcist priest named Zamora is the only

one that can stop them. His undying love for humanity is

the only thing standing between him and the legions that

bring about the end of reality.

Can he survive the ungodly creatures he faces or will

he join them instead in order to save those he loved?

Read more of Zamora t Scribbtoons and Webtoons!

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