The Immortal Exorcist (Black) (100% Cotton)

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100% DTG-Printed Cotton T-Shirt.

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Unisex. Made of 100% cotton, this shirt is great for everyday wear. Classic Fit. DTG (Direct to Garment Print). High Quality & Soft Material.

Zamora is a highly experienced and skilled 100-year-old priest exorcist who has dedicated his life to fighting against the Yawa. This powerful and malevolent Visayan demon has plagued the city of Cagayan de Oro, located in the Philippines. With his archdiocese and

a team of expert exorcists, Zamora has overcome the numerous obstacles that the Yawa has thrown his way, including its relentless attempts to infiltrate and possess the souls of innocent people. The exorcists also battle against Eldritch beings that are equally dangerous and destructive and are constantly watching out for any new threats that may emerge.

Despite their best efforts, the exorcists are faced with a seemingly indifferent God who appears to care little about the fate of humanity. This adds extra pressure to their already difficult task, and they must fight to protect the people of Cagayan de Oro against the terrifying monsters and deities that threaten their very existence. The story is a gripping supernatural action horror that captures the essence of humanity’s struggle against the unknown and its belief that they are mere specks of dust in the face of these monstrous entities.

You can read more about Zamora at Scribbtoons and Webtoons!

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