Lethe – Cybepunk Anime Sensei series (100% Cotton)

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100% DTG-Printed Cotton T-Shirt.

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Unisex. Made of 100% cotton, this shirt is great for everyday wear. Classic Fit. DTG (Direct to Garment Print). High Quality & Soft Material.

Dive into forgotten memories with Lethe, the Cyberpunk Eraserhead Sensei! Drawing inspiration from the mysterious world of cyberpunk and the mind-bending concept of memory manipulation, this shirt encapsulates the essence of Lethe’s mastery. Lethe, the embodiment of mystery and power, guides you through a realm where memories intertwine with technology. With striking cybernetic motifs and an aura of mystique, this apparel symbolizes your journey into the unknown. Let Lethe unravel the secrets of the mind, teaching you to manipulate, reshape, and erase the very fabric of memories. In a fusion of cyberpunk aesthetics and ethereal allure, this shirt captures the essence of Lethe’s enigmatic persona. Step into the realm of the forgotten, where past and future collide, and wear Lethe, the Cyberpunk Eraserhead Sensei, with pride.

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